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We work with you to determine the best way to structure leadership into the future.

Ownership and Leadership Transitions – We explore various options for succession for both the ownership and leadership structures in the business. We evaluate the goals of the current owner(s) and their ideal method for transferring ownership. We also assess current leadership capabilities, potential successors, and the talent pipeline. From there, we work to determine the best way to structure leadership into the future. Often, this means transitioning from an individual leader to a team-based model of leadership. Emergency and contingency plans are also explored with our clients.

Change Management and Culture Change - Organizational culture is something that can really set a business apart its from competitors. A positive culture can drive innovation, create high levels of employee engagement, commitment, and productivity, and can help attract and retain quality talent in a tight labor market. We work with our clients to assess the current organizational culture, determine the ideal culture, and create a plan for how to get from the current to the ideal culture. Often, this requires change throughout all levels of the organization, so we work with employees to address fears, minimize resistance to change, create buy-in, and build confidence in individuals and on teams. Change can be difficult and scary, but with proper planning and the right approach, it can be a positive experience with incredible results.

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy - Many family organizations deal with issues around the sale of a business. It may be a sale to other family members or perhaps a complete divestment to a third party. We help to develop strategies around how to conduct a fair
process if the sale is to other family members, and how to maximize value if it is to an independent third party.

Family Governance - We understand that complexities increase as additional family members and generations become part of the business. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly important to develop a clear family governance structure so that family members are on the same page regarding the business, whether they are working in the business or not. We work with our clients to facilitate those difficult but necessary conversations about family governance, resulting in clarity, transparency, and high levels of trust for all family members connected to a family business.

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