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August 20, 2022

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are fostering innovative ideas and work
between Strategic Solutions Consulting and the Wisconsin Family Business
Center (affiliated with the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison) with the goal of supporting family-owned businesses throughout the state.
Strategic Solutions Consulting, a family business located in Appleton, has
provided management consulting and business psychology services to businesses throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest and the United States since 2001.

The Wisconsin Family Business Center focuses on the unique challenges and
opportunities of owning and operating a family business. For 25 years, the center
has been bringing family business leaders together to learn and grow through
educational programs, peer groups and a trusting community.

Over the past year, the two organizations began discussing how they might
collaborate to leverage their knowledge, networks and resources to better serve
family businesses in Wisconsin and beyond. “Working with the Wisconsin Family Business Center has created phenomenal opportunities for clients and advisers as our two organizations are aligned regarding our goals in helping family businesses create business success and family harmony,” says Shipra Seefeldt, founder of Strategic Solutions Consulting.

As part of this collaboration, Strategic Solutions Consulting’s Shipra and Anjali
Seefeldt facilitate the Wisconsin Family Business Center’s CEO and Future
Leader peer groups. “Every family business is unique; however, the challenges and issues they face are often quite similar.

The peer groups offer a safe space for family business leaders to learn, collaborate, explore new ideas and problem solve. Having facilitators who also operate a family business brings another level of expertise and understanding to the groups,” says Wisconsin Family Business Center Director Sherry Herwig. Through this collaborative partnership, the two organizations aspire to positively impact family businesses throughout Wisconsin.

For more information contact:
Shipra Seefeldt or

Family Businesses Benefit from Innovative collaboration: News
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