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Shipra founded Strategic Solutions Consulting (SSC) in 2001. In 2017, Shipra was awarded Fellow Status through the Family Firm Institute, the leading global professional association dedicated to education and research pertaining to Family Businesses. The recipient of an Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising (ACFBA), Shipra has worked with entire organizations: business owners and leaders, middle managers and all the way to the most front-line people, such as machine operators in the manufacturing industry. She does a lot of work with families and individuals as well. Prior to starting SSC, Shipra worked as a clinical psychotherapist for many years, working with very difficult cases and providing services to individuals and entire systems (families, teams, businesses, etc.). In addition to her clinical role, Shipra was the CEO of a mental health agency for 7 years, giving her first-hand experience in every aspect of leading an organization. Her work over the past 20 years has been exclusively in the areas of management consulting and business psychology. In this capacity, Shipra has worked with a broad range of businesses, from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. Shipra also serves on the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region Board.

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