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Offering expertise and solutions in leadership development and strategic planning, Tim recently joined the Strategic Solutions Consulting (SSC) team.  Tim grew up learning his family business.  From the ground up, he explored all areas of the business from the front line, to operations, management, accounting, human resources, business development, forming and executing the organization’s strategic plan, along with all of the daily challenges of operating a growing business.  Attending the University of Green Bay, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  Choosing a career in the family business and transitioning to second-generation ownership, he and his dad worked with SSC, for matters in both business and family, to ensure a successful transition.  After a number of years serving as President, Tim led the family and business through an acquisition, learning from trusted advisors through all stages of that final transition away from family business ownership. Through these professional and life experiences, Tim found leadership and change management critical to the success of both transitions.  Since, he has established a non-profit booster club for his sons’ athletic teams, chairs the finance committee for their school system, and has volunteered his time on various non-profit boards.  Tim is excited to be working with SSC, sharing his experiences and connecting with other family-owned businesses.

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